Gamma Engineering Ltd. developed its roots in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, approximately 58 years ago. Initially catering to the needs of the local steel industry, Gamma Engineering has evolved into a world class, full service consulting engineering and design organization with a vast North American and international client base.

Gamma Engineering is an integrated association of Engineers, Scientists, Project Management Specialists and Designers possessing specialized experience in all branches of Engineering. The company can accept full engineering responsibility for a project – from preliminary market studies to completion of construction and operational management – or it can handle only one specific phase to supplement the special needs of the client’s own engineering staff.

Certificate: Professional Engineers of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia.

About Us

We are committed to the protection of our environment and incorporate into our service and solutions key energy and environmental initiatives while maintaining or improving service quality.

Industries Served

  • Iron & Steel
  • Environmental Services
  • Power Generation & Transmission
  • Cement
  • Green Energy
  • Commerical & Industrial Buildings


  • Gamma Engineering Ltd
  • 3760 14TH Avenue, Suite 302
  • Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • L3R 3T7
  • Tel: (905) 707-0704
  • Fax: (905) 475-1605